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HyperX is a brand by Kingston, known for their outclass memory products.

Our brand offers top-notch gaming accessories. This is the reason that top gamers worldwide prefer our gaming tech. From our headphones to keyboards, mice to mousepads, everything offers ultimate comfort. Our gaming tech is designed to meet the extensive demands of professional gamers.

Bundles of awards won further testify that hyperX is the biggest gaming headphones’ brand round the globe. In addition. we have officially licensed headset for Xbox too. From cloud 2, to cloud alpha, hyperx cloud stinger to cloud X, hyperx headphones produce the sound your ears are supposed to love.

Our keyboards too are the ones that offer luxurious comfort to your fingers. Alloy origins core tenkeyless, and allow origins are among the top.

We are also there to serve you in the category of mice and pads. User can choose between standard and gaming edition mouse pads and can further decide which size to buy. Those in need of a high-DPI mouse, can buy ours to ensure that they always aim at the perfect point.

Our wrist rest is a new addition at our store and the gamers should try it for luxury experience.